John Garst Memorial Scholarship

Rules and Information

      1. The scholarship fund will be administered and awarded as part of the duties of the Vice President.
      2. The scholarship is available to all Members and Junior Members of KF&G as well as the children of all Members in good standing for at least five years.
      3. The deadline to apply is by the May 6th membership meeting.  The application can be mailed to PO Box 191, Candia NH 03034.  Applications / Requests will be reviewed by the Officers and Directors at the June BOD meeting. The scholarship recipient(s) will be announced at the August membership meeting.
      4. The scholarship will be in the amount of $500.00 dollars. In the event it is not awarded during the year it may be carried over into the next. In the event it is carried over for several years it shall not exceed $1000.00.
      5. Candidates for the scholarship must be a graduating High School senior who has been accepted at an accredited 2 or 4 year college or a vocational/technical school and who has been active with KF&G.
      6. The Officers and Directors will choose the recipient. In the event of multiple applications the BOD will chose the most deserving candidate. The BOD can, at its discretion, opt to divide the scholarship between candidates.

Download Scholarship Application