The Kinnicum Fish & Gun Club range consists of a rim fire range, 50 yard range (with covered benches), 100 yard rifle range (with covered benches) and a trap/sporting clay field (shotgun).

Rim Fire Range

Rimfire Range

Our new Rim Fire Range is a blast! Situated next to the 50 Yard Range, the rim fire range offers a variety of steel targets. Stop by this range next time you stop in!


50 Yard Range

50 Yard Range

The 50 yard range has been upgraded and now offers a roof to cover all shooters and a new concrete floor. You also can shoot at 25 yards on this range. The range is open year round.

100 Yard Range

100 Yard Range

The 100 yard range has 2 seated benches and a roof to cover all shooters. You can also shoot at 50 yards on the 100 yard range providing your target is at the correct height from the ground. This range cannot be used for less than 50 yards. This range is open year round.

Wobble Trap

Wobble Trap Range

A wobbler trap was installedWhat a great toy! The wobbler trap sends clays in a totally random direction on each call for a birdThere are five stations and shooters rotate stations after 5 shots for a total of 25 roundsThe cost is $5.00 for members and $7.00 for non-members to shoot 25 birds from the wobbler. Kinnicum offers a “Winter Wobbler” event every Sunday starting at 10 AM January through April.

Note to members:  Due to safety concerns, you must be a member for more than a year and complete a safety course before operating the wobbler.

For more information on the use of this facility, please email kinnicum@gmail.com.

Sporting Clays

Kinnicum offers a Sporting Clay field utilizing manual traps and four electronic trapsThe course is open to the public on Tuesday evenings between May and September starting at approximately 5:30 PM and ending when done or darkThe event is run weather permitting.

The season begins with simple presentations and changes to more challenging presentations as the season progressesThe course consists of a 50-bird presentation with a new layout every weekDepending on the number of shooters, squads are formed of approximately 6 or 7 shootersOnce the squads are formed they are lead around the course which generally consists of five stations where five presentations of pairs are shot giving a total of 10 clays (targets) per stationThe presentations consist of challenges from different angles and distances and vary from station to station with no duplicationThe clays consist of a mixture of standards, midi’s, mini’s, and rabbits that may vary in colorYou may hear people call the clays, birds (feathers) or rabbits (fur)The stations are given names such as springing teal, fur and feather, bird & crippled, and rabbit(s)A presentation consisting of a pair can be delivered as simos, report pair, or following (one at a time)Each shooter is allowed only two shots per presentationSporting Clays is a fun event for the whole familyIt provides challenges for all shooters, from the very new to the very experiencedNo special guns or equipment is requiredHowever, for a safe shoot, eye and hearing protection is a requirement of shooters and spectators.

Sporting Clay is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC at 5:30 PM every Tuesday (May through September) and the fee is $10.00 for members, $12.00 for non-membersCome down and give it tryWe have many repeat shooters who are more than willing to help any level shooterTry it once and you’re hooked!