Sporting Clays

Kinnicum offers a Sporting Clay field utilizing manual traps and four electronic traps. The course is open to the public on Tuesday evenings between May and September starting at approximately 5:30 PM and ending when done or dark. The event is run weather permitting.

The season begins with simple presentations and changes to more challenging presentations as the season progresses. The course consists of a 50-bird presentation with a new layout every week. Depending on the number of shooters, squads are formed of approximately 6 or 7 shooters. Once the squads are formed they are lead around the course which generally consists of five stations where five presentations of pairs are shot giving a total of 10 clays (targets) per station. The presentations consist of challenges from different angles and distances and vary from station to station with no duplication. The clays consist of a mixture of standards, midi’s, mini’s, and rabbits that may vary in color. You may hear people call the clays, birds (feathers) or rabbits (fur). The stations are given names such as springing teal, fur and feather, bird & crippled, and rabbit(s). A presentation consisting of a pair can be delivered as simos, report pair, or following (one at a time). Each shooter is allowed only two shots per presentation. Sporting Clays is a fun event for the whole family! It provides challenges for all shooters, from the very new to the very experienced. No special guns or equipment is required. However, for a safe shoot, eye and hearing protection is a requirement of shooters and spectators.

Sporting Clay is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC at 5:30 PM every Tuesday (May through September) and the fee is $10.00 for members, $12.00 for non-members. Come down and give it try! We have many repeat shooters who are more than willing to help any level shooter. Try it once and you’re hooked!

.22 Fun Shoot

Kinnicum offers to club members and their families a .22 Fun Shoot held on the Rim Fire Range starting in June and running through the summer. The shoot is .22 rim fire only and starts at 6 PM and runs until everyone is done. This is a good opportunity for families as it is kid friendly and there is no charge. The goal with this shoot is to get more kids involved in the shooting sports. The minimal to no recoil and hitting steel targets makes this a fun event for kids and adults alike. Come and join us for a summer evening of fun!

Winter Wobble Trap

Kinnicum offers a “Winter Wobbler” event every Sunday starting at 10 AM January through April. There are five stations and shooters rotate stations after 5 shots for a total of 25 rounds. The cost is $5.00 for members and $7.00 for non-members to shoot 25 birds from the wobbler.

Kinnicum Wobble Trap  Feb 2014 001Kinnicum Wobble Trap Feb 2014 003

Winter Running Deer

Along with the wobble trap, Kinnicum offers a Winter Running Deer event. This also takes place every Sunday starting at 10 AM January through April. This event is held on the 50 yard range and involves the shooter standing just in front of the covered shooting area, facing down range. A deer target is set on a cable/pulley system and is controlled by a member in a small shack hidden and off to the right of the range at the 50 yard berm. The shooter will call for the target and it will move into view from right to left. The shooter gets three shots at the target and may elect to use one or more of those shots when the target returns to the shack from left to right. The member in the shack then views the target and where the rounds impacted and determines the score based on pre-determined scoring areas on the target (heart, lungs, spine, brain, etc.). The score is noted, the holes in the target taped and the next shooter rotates into the shooting position and the process is repeated. Any given shooter can shoot as often as they want up until Noon for only $5.00. The cost is the same for members and non-members.

Kinnicum Runninig Deer Feb 2014 014Kinnicum Runninig Deer Feb 2014 018

Cowboy Shoots

Kinnicum Fish and Game is affiliated with SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) and the White Mountain Regulators. Kinnicum hosts 3 to 4 cowboy shoots each year. Entertainment, food and a good time are guaranteed! The kitchen is open all day for this event. Please see the “Schedule/News” for shoot dates. We welcome all cowboy action shooters to come and join us or just come to watch…yeehaah!!!

Hunter Education

Kinnicum Fish and Game, in cooperation with HUNTNH, hosts several Hunter Education programs a year for Firearm and Bow Hunting. Interested folks MUST sign up on-line. All registration is done through NH Hunter Education.